Speakers - TEDxMEC 2020

Aamir Ali Sultan

Aamir Ali Sultan is a Playback Singer, Songwriter, Composer & a performer, who has worked with the biggest music labels in India - and his journey from a small town to Bollywood is nothing short of inspiring. Currently a verified artist on top music streaming platforms, his experience in the industry tells the story of carving one's horizons through uncertainty and obstacles. Best known for his hit albums Nanhi Pari, Ashq, Damayanthi, Hot Fountain, Red Auddi and more, he has also collaborated with the country's top musical legends in "Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam" One Nation One Voice. His passion, determination and talent ensured that he stood out in his field- he has judged some of Asia's Biggest Youth Festivals, and been featured in exclusive articles in prominent magazines. Here to talk about exploring opportunities, learning, and navigating through mediocrity, we have Mr. Aamir Ali Sultan!

Bhasker Malu

Bhasker Malu is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Christ University, Bangalore. With heaps of experience and being extremely passionate about psychology, he has been actively involved in making the psychology more approachable and commonplace in today's tech savvy world. Mr. Bhaskar Malu has been involved in the development of 3 apps linked with psychology, including Summarising Psychology, UGC Net Psychology and Guide to SPSS all of which help in making knowledge about psychology a more easily accessible resource. He also hosts several podcasts including one on psychology spreading the word about the not so well known facets of the human psyche. Mr. Bhaskar is an up and coming author, podcaster and avid football fan who captures his audience with his brilliant words and substantial knowledge.

Alaina G. Levine

Alaina G. Levine leads a vibrant and multi-faceted career and Is an internationally renowned speaker. She's the founder and president of Quantum Success Solutions, an enterprise offering STEM Career Consultancy services. Her book, Networking for Nerds, has been included as one among the top 5 books of the year (2015) by the Physics Today magazine & she has authored over 350 articles in several prestigious international journals and publications. An internationally renowned speaker, she has delivered over 700 keynotes, and is a speaker at the prestigious Grace Hopper Celebration. Her unique sense of humour makes her stand out,helping her leave a mark in the minds of the audience.

Ajit Sivaram

Mr. Ajit Sivaram is more than just a doting parent and loving husband - he is the co-founder of one of India's biggest volunteer-driven charitable organizations, U&I. An alum of St. Stephens, New Delhi & Hillsong Leadership College Sydney, Ajit is passionate about leadership, social change & helping people achieve their fullest potential. His heart for people is as contagious as his love for life and with him around, you're guaranteed a great time! U&l began as a simple decision to use office space to conduct computer classes in the evening for children from a nearby slum and turned into an organisation with over 2000 volunteers that reaches more than 1600 children in 52 Learning Centers across 20 cities, as well as the rehabilitation of 85 mentally challenged and 100 special needs men. The U&l endeavour began when two gentlemen realized that ordinary people coming together can make a huge difference in the lives of the neglected. A simple thought, that helped carve the horizons of many. Here to speak about "How to Change the World in 3 Simple, but Not-So-Easy Steps", we have Mr. Ajit Sivaram!

Oneal Sabu

Oneal, a.k.a FCboy, as he is known in the foodie circle, is a Maritime lawyer by profession and a food blogger by passion. After having graduated from one of the premier law schools in India, he traveled the world for pursuits in work and academics. During the course of his postgrad in the U.K., he worked part-time in some of the world's most popular food chain restaurants as a waiter, a sandwich artist, an ice cream man, a bar tender, etc. He started food blogging through his FB page [Soul Fried Monologues) and his instagram account [fc_boy_83] in June 2016. He is now one of the core members and an active contributor to the award winning concept food group in Kochi called "Eat Kochi Eat". He is a food enthusiast and appreciates all cuisines, he does his own cooking at home and is a food critic only when it comes to his mom's cooking.

Ashwathy Venugopal

Ashwathy Venugopal is a Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Avasarshala, an organisation working to empower, educate and ensure that children have access to opportunities that help them fulfil their potential. Avasarshala has been internationally recognised as one among the top 10 purpose-driven innovations by Bridge for Billions. Ashwathy has been recognised as one among the top 10 Social Innovators from India at Youth Co: Lab 2020. She's the recipient of the Eastern Bhoomika Iconic Women Awards 2020 and was one of the chosen speakers at ChangemakerXchange Collective Action Summit, jointly hosted by Asoka University and Robert Bosch Stiftung. She's also a Kectil International Youth Leader, Curator of Global Shaper Community Trivandrum (an initiative of World Economic Forum), Indian Ambassador for Digital Grassroots Program, Wedu Changemakers Rising Star for 2020, Vital Voices GROW Fellow 2020, inSIG 2020 Fellow and Youth IGF India 2020 Fellow.

Unni Vijayan

A filmmaker, a film editor and teacher - Mr. Unni Vijayan is a two time National Film Award recipient, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like "The Blueberry Hunt" (2016), Lessons in Forgetting (2011), Mansarovar (2004), etc. He also served as a member of the selection committee for south indian films for the national awards selection, 2013. A graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and trained in film editing, he eventually graduated into directing films. Today, he focuses on his real passion, script writing. He also teaches students the finer nuances of film-making, especially script writing! Talking about Carving New Horizons in his field, we have Mr. Unni Vijayan!

Previous Speakers

Sachin Rajeev

When four friends decide to get together to make music, they've got to make sure that they're one hell of a band. And that's what they are.

Dr. Arun A. Shanmugham

Come listen as he spells out his efforts and encounters alongside @wildlifesos in protecting the bare necessities of these beautiful animals, at TEDxMEC 2019.

Jegatha Muralidharan

Here's a dancers perspective on how to embrace the performer within you, and to be less afraid in life. Learn how to kick ass at TEDxMEC 2019!

Dr. Sarita Vig

Sarita Vig, Astrophysicist & Associate Professor at IIST, sheds light on the hidden secrets and astonishing mysteries of these extreme cosmic objects and how they warp spacetime, only at TEDxMEC.

Moosa Mehar

Listen to Moosa Meher, Founder of TinkerHub, explain this shift in perspective and ways to tackle it, only at TEDxMEC.

Vishnu Soman

Unbroken. Unafraid. Unbeaten. Join us in this incredible journey of courage and kindness, and a whole package of miracles. After all, disability is just a matter of perspective.

Gitanjali Natarajan

Take a moment at TEDxMEC, with Dr. Geetanjali Natarajan as she shares her perspective on the mystery of human psychology, and ways to tackle the beasts within.

Clifin Francis

Clifin Francis, former MECian gained attention from media worldwide when he cycled all the way to Russia, to watch the world Cup.

K Muhammed Y Sarifulla

K Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS was the district collector of Ernakulam. He bagged the 55th rank in the 2009 Civil Service Examination on his first attempt, without even leaving his job.

Jessica Mundroina

Jessica has over 2 decades of experience in diverse professional roles. She has worked in the Hospitality, Aviation, Banking and Civil Services among other domain industries, both in India and United Kingdom.

Bruce Lee Mani

Back when Rock music was alien to us, Bruce Lee Mani made a phenomenal mark by bringing it within our grasps. Hear the Pioneer of Indian Rock bare his soul on his remarkable journey from the realm of teaching to a world of music.

Vishak Nair

In this fast moving world where people get busier by the minute, we often forget to take a break and just relax Follow one of Kerala’s most charismatic young actors as he speaks about following ones passion and taking the time to laugh.

Dr Rajagopal

Dr T P Rajagopal one of the first responders of the Nipah outbreak will speak about how modern medicine is improvising and adapting to overcome pandemics.

Achyuth Jaigopal

Playing guitar since the age of 10, Achyuth's has been part of The Raghu Dixit Project (2015-17), and has played over 250 concerts across India and countries like the UK, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore and Bhutan.  

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is the CEO & Co-Founder of www.outsiteVR.com and is ranked amongst India's TOP 24 budding entrepreneurs, selected by DS Group & NETWORK18.

Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam is a transgender right activist, actor and the founder director of Sahodari Foundation. At TEDxMEC, she will talk about the future of Transgenders in India.

Mr. Srikant Suryanarayanan

Srikant Surayanarayanan is the founder and chairman of Ishika Farms. At TEDxMEC, he will talk about why sustainable practises are the need of the hour and how it needs to be incorporated.

Dr. K. N Raghavan

Dr. K. N Raghavan, IRS is the CEO of NORKA ROOTS and former Customs Commissioner of Kochi. At TEDxMEC, he will talk about why following one's passion is not always the best move.

Andrine Mendez

Andrine Mendez is the Co-founder of the Smiley privilege program and the founder of Colours of Future and Indiavibes. He believes that innovations are...

Arshad Muhammed

Arshad Muhammed, Teen Speaker for TEDxMEC 2013 is an avid reader, and indulges in quizzing, oratory, debate and chess in his leisure time. Arshad was...

Arvind Sajeev

Described as a serial innovator, Arvind Sanjeev is credited with his creation of DIY Hacking. Formerly involved with Fin, RHL Vision as CTO, Arvind...

Ashwin Sreenivas

Ashwin Sreenivas, from The Choice School, Cochin was the Teen Speaker for TEDxMEC 2012. Ashwin expounded his arguments on “Reforms to the Education...

Biju Mathew

Biju Mathew is the current Joint Director and the Head (Kerala) of the organisation HelpAge International. HelpAge International is a worldwide...

Captain Radhika Menon

The very first woman captain of the Indian merchant navy, Captain Radhika Menon understood from the very beginning that she was not cut out for the...

Chitra Iyer

Chitra Iyer, a renowned singer of present times, made her mark in the Malayalam film industry as a playback singer with music duo, Bernie and...

Deepak Ravindran

Deepak Ravindran is the co-founder & CEO of Innoz, a leading mobile company based in India which was named a Red Herring Global 100 and Nasscom Top 8...

Dhimant Vyas

A name that stands out in the wonder world of animation is Dhimant Vyas- a creative animation film designer who worked for Zynga games, India. His...

Diwia Thomas

The founder of Papertrail, a social entrepreneurship venture that began in 2008, Diwia Thomas involves women from all strata of society in making...

P. K. Hormis Tharakan

P. K. Hormis Tharakan, an IPS officer of the Kerala cadre (1968 batch) was chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), India's external...

Jayen Varma

World renowned bass guitarist Mr. Jayen Varma made it to the pinnacle of experimenting and exploring the possibilities of his favorite musical...

Jithin C Nedumala

Jithin C Nedumala is the founder of Make a Difference (MAD) and is currently involved with the organization. An IIM Lucknow alumnus, he has...

Joby Mathew

Joby Mathew is a 33 year old athlete from Kerala, India who won the World Arm Wrestling title in Spain in 2008. Mr Mathew is 3 foot 5 inch tall and...

Kalamandalam Krishnakumar

Kalamandalam Krishnakumar is an eminent and professional Kathakali artist who has played a pivotal role in spreading the elegance and charm of the...

Korath V Mathew

An alumnus of National Defence Academy, Korath V Mathew, is a true enthusiast of the Right to Information Act. He has carried out Business Process...

Liji Jinaraj

Liji Jinaraj is a versatile entrepreneur focused on design and development. He is a proven photographer and the creator of Tweeple of India. Tweeple...

Santosh Hedge

A veteran social figure, who has adorned the epitome positions of law and order in India, N. Santosh Hegde was the Supreme Court Chief Justice during...

Narayan Krishnan

A celebrated chef with Taj Hotels, Bangalore with future prospects of an elite position in Switzerland, Narayanan Krishnan was all set to define his...

Nelvin Joseph

Nelvin Joseph is a successful entrepreneur in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Green Technology. The winner of the IEEE (Institute of...

Nisha Purushothaman

In this world where the presence of women in positions of influence and power is ever increasing, a woman in the expanse of photography, especially...

Praveen Paul

Praveen Paul is the CEO of Kochivibe- an online magazine that revolves around the city of Kochi. As an online endeavor that tracks and traces every...

Ram Kumar R

Ram Kumar R is the founder and CEO of Dreamajax Technologies Private Limited. A business startup on his own was a burning passion for Mr. Ram Kumar...

Rituja Ravikiran Rao

Rituja Ravikiran Rao from Fergusson Junior College, Pune was our Teen Speaker for TEDxMEC 2014. Rituja believes that her voice can make a difference...

Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg

Sabriye Tenberken is an inspiration for people from all walks of life to dream big and realise their dreams. Sabriya was born in Germany. She...

Sajita Nair

Sajita Nair served in the Indian Army as a Captain till 1999. After which she decided to follow her long passion as a writer. Her short stories,...

Sanjay Manaktala

Sanjay Manaktala isn't your average NRI. Born in the US, he came back to India after his job got outsourced and began his comedic endeavors in the...

Soorya Krishnamoorthy

Soorya Krishnamoorthy is the founder-director of the SOORYA Stage and Film Society.The Society, based in Trivandrum, organizes the Soorya Festival-...

Sreelakshmi Suresh

An exceptionally brilliant 15- year old, Sreelakshmi Suresh made media and dailies focus on her when she became the youngest CEO of the world at the...

T.P. Sreenivasan

Diplomat, Ambassador, Author, Producer, T.P. Sreenivasan has many roles. An iconic figure in the field of multilateral diplomacy, T.P. Sreenivasan is...